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In the popular imagination Connecticut is a wealthy suburb of New York City, a green-lawned seaside sprawl of status and privilege: the so-called good life. This Connecticut exists alongside impoverished cities, colonial antiquities, thicketed woods, abandoned factories, strip malls, spec-built subdivisions, hills big enough to be mountains, lots of colleges, and farmland.

Also within Connecticut are sites of resistance to the dominant hegemony: alternate visions of what makes the good life. These sites range from intentional, utopian residential communities to purposeful businesses serving as subcultural community centers. Land of Steady Habits seeks to record the stories of these places and the people who started them.

Land of Steady Habits takes form as a limited edition publication, produced by hand and machine entirely in Connecticut. More on the first issue very very soon!

animation from the land of steady habits

Land of Steady Habits is a project by Emily Larned | emily-at-landofsteadyhabits.org